Cousins {Tillsonburg Ontario, Children’s Photographer}

Talk about cute! I just love how in this first picture of these cuties they all have such different and unique looks. These kids were a lot of fun, although I feel like I may repeat myself in posts, I truly enjoy working with children so much and get a kick out of the reactions I get from them and the connections I make with them.

These beauties are my best friend Roxanne’s children and her sweet niece:) A bit about “Miss Rox”…. she has been right beside me through my journey into photography, supporting me every step of the way. She is a big advocate for my photography and is always spreading the word, very cool friend indeed. She has encouraged me and helped me make some important decisions, and I thank her for that:) Thanks for being a great friend and for helping me follow my heart and my passion for photography…..XOXOXO, Mel

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