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My kids are so special to me and teach me something about myself everyday. Levi is my youngest and will be turning 4 this July 1st. This post is for him. I am amazed at how time flies and how it seems like yesterday this little man was attached to me, literally most hours of the day I was wearing him. For those near and dear to me know how trying of a time Levi’s first year of his life was. Suffering from “Multiple Food Protein Intolerance” he was unable to digest food properly and was in pain most hours of the day. It was nothing for me to be up with him 6 hours of an 8 hour night and then wearing him and consoling him all day long as well. I was a walking zombie but made a commitment to myself that I would respond to his every cry, remembering that he was in pain and how emotionally important it was for me to respond to him when he was in pain. It was like this for 10 months until he was diagnosed and placed on special formula. Levi is a special little boy who readily gives hugs and will come to my bed in the morning just to rub the side of my face and tell me he loves me “so much”. He warms my heart on a daily basis, his sense of humor, that smile of his, his infectious laugh… am I ever one lucky mama!

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